Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Lotus position
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Feel the flow, free your mind and smile.
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Yoga in Arco
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Logo
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Free your body and mind.
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Backflip
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: climbing in Massone, Arco at the Lake of Garda
Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher: Free your mind in Arco.
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Naema Götz Yoga & climbing teacher | Munich & Arco

My name is Naema Götz and I am a Yoga and Climbing Teacher. I have turned my passions into my profession, in order to be able to share my enthusiasm for nature, health and adventures with others. The beauty of nature motivates me, and I want to share its potential with others. The natural world is an immense treasure and I believe it should be accessible to everyone.

I first encountered the philosophy of Yoga through a course on Tibetan Buddhism during my university studies of Ethnology. I continued my exploration of yoga in 2015 when I completed my yoga teacher training at Yoga Garden San Francisco (California – USA).

Since 2010 I have also worked as a Ski and Climbing teacher throughout the German, Italian and French Alps. I have found Yoga to be a great balance to alpine sports.

I love yoga because anyone can practice it around the world, even out in the wilderness!

Portrait: Naema Götz, yoga & climbing teacher


  • Bachelor of Arts, Ethnology and Central Asian Studies 2014, LMU Munich
  • 200 RYT, Yoga Alliance 2015 with Laurie Sleep, Stacey Swan, Brook Stokes, Jean Mazzei, Sean Feit, Karen Mcklin, Cora Wen, Jon Isaacs and David Nelson.
  • 300 RYT Asthanga Vinyasa Teacher Training 2016, Kranti Yoga School (India)
  • 40 RYT Yoga Teacher Training 2017, with Janet Stone, Yoga Tree (San Francisco)
  • Climbing Instructor (German Alpine Club)
  • Ski Instructor, St. Moritz Ski School, CH


German, English, Italian and French

Naema Götz: Feel the flow, free your mind and smile.
Feel the flow,
free your mind
and smile.


I teach Vinyasa- and Hatha Flow classes - combining a dynamic, fresh and strong Vinyasa flow followed by different kinds of relaxing and restorative poses. I love to pay attention to synchronized movements and breath, to then turn your yoga practice into a round dance.

Yoga classes in Munich

Private Yoga Lessons (1 to 2 people)

  • Receiving one-on- one attention in a private space
  • Holistic yoga program to focus on your personal goals
  • Personalized schedules
  • Instructions are based on your health, body type, lifestyle and your time
  • Preparation to feel confident for group classes


Prices for Group classes
15 € (one class - 75 minutes)
130 € (10 class pass)

Prices for Private classes
75 minutes class - 60 € per person (2 people max)
For further information, please feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Naema Götz: Urban Yoga

Yoga Retreats – Arco, Lake Garda, Italy

Arco has been my home since I was 10 years old. Throughout my childhood, I was either playing in the olive trees or climbing up warm Italian limestone. Coupled with the purity of the Mediterranean air and the inspiring views of nature, Arco became the ideal place for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Now, I am eager to share this lifestyle with others by hosting yoga and climbing retreats at the guesthouse arco.

Yoga for Climbers - Arco, Italy

Arco is the paradise for all climbers: beginners and experts. The quality of the sport climbing and alpine climbs is amazing.

For many years I climbed at a competitive level in Europe. Since 2010, I have been an active climbing instructor. I have used my climbing experience to develop a detailed yoga practice tailored to improve your climbing. In fact, climbing is somehow a form of yoga in itself.

Freemind Upcoming Retreats

  • Retreat Yoga & Climbing
    September 30 - October 3, 2023
    palmhouse arco, Italy
    Naema Götz
    inquire here
    Our program from 30.9. - 3.10.23
    30.9. from 3 PM Accommodation after arrival & shared pizza
    1.10. 8 - 9:15 AM Yoga (Vinyasa / Hatha)
    11 AM - 3 PM Climbing
    4 - 6:45 PM Osteopathic massages
    2.10. 8 - 9.15 AM Yoga (Vinyasa / Hatha)
    11 AM - 3 PM Climbing
    4 - 6:45 PM Osteopathic massages
    3.10. 8 - 9.15 AM Yoga (Vinyasa / Hatha)
    10 AM - 4 PM Osteopathic massages
    from 4 PM Departure
    Price per person €630

    The total cost for the Yoga & Climbing retreat includes the following services:

    • 3 nights in a shared double room palmhouse/guesthouse arco
    • 2 sport climbing sessions on the rocks in and around Arco (each 4 hours) with mountain guide and climbing trainer
    • 3 yoga lessons (each 75 Min.) Vinyasa Hatha Yoga
    • 1 Osteopathic massage/treatment of 45 Min. per person
    • Pizza dinner at Pizzeria Antica Corte on September 30
    • No meals included, but self-catering is possible

Naema Götz: Yoga Warrior, Monte Stivo
Free your mind in Arco
“Passion for what you do is the only thing that counts. If on a yoga mat or in the vertical.”
- Hans Martin Götz, dad and mountain guide
Naema Götz: Climbing, Arco / Massone

FREEMIND - free your body & free your mind

My goal is to unite Yoga and Climbing as a way of living that makes your body strong and healthy.

I believe that a healthy body is an essential ingredient for living with a free mind and a sweet, smiling heart.

Yoga and Climbing have an immense capacity to both ground you and take you higher. Both activities possess an incredible therapeutic power for your Self.

Time on your mat and on the rocks enable you to focus entirely on the NOW.

I believe that in the PRESENT you discover your inner potential. Once you access this potential, you can inspire others to do the same.

The sunrise of your FREEMIND.

Naema Götz: Yoga

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